"It is everything I could have hoped for! I have never felt more excited about the work that I have since acquiring your press."

- George D. Davidson,
Artist/ Printmaker

Conrad Machine Company offers four different sizes of professional, heavy duty, floor model litho presses. These presses are designed for the stone, metal plate, or paper plate litho processes. The all-steel, heavy duty construction, combined with 60 years of press manufacturing experience makes the Conrad Machine Co. Lithography Press a proven design.

Lithography Press-
Planetary Reduction Drive

The Conrad Litho press' driving power is provided by a 10 inch throw swivel handle hand crank, operating through a self-contained, planetary geared reduction drive mounted directly on the press roll. This type of drive, designed specifically for the slow RPM, high torque requirements of etching and litho presses, was introduced by Conrad Machine Company in 1959. It has proved to be a trouble free work horse on thousands installations built since that time. Mounting the drive on the roll itself eliminates side loading and prevents any skewing action from occurring, insuring perfect alignment.

Lithography Press Twin-Torque Drive

Utilizing our time tested planetary drive, Conrad Machine Company introduces the all new Twin-Torque variable ratio planetary drive. This unique drive gives the printmaker a choice of five different drive ratios to choose from: 5:1, 10:1, 15:I, 20:1 and 25:1. Give us a call and ask about our new Twin-Torque Drive.

Lithography Press-
Disengagement Drive Clutch Drive

If you prefer working on only one side of the press or would like to be able to pull the bed plate easily back and forth, this is the option for you. You simply pull the drive pin out and pull the bed plate effortlessly. Please see the option section of our catalog for more information about this option.

Lithography Press Frame

The frames of these floor model presses are fabricated of heavy solid steel plate, reinforced and cross braced to maintain alignment. The legs are equipped with leveling screws for precise leveling. An optional storage shelf is available under the lower roll. Please see the option section of our catalog for more information and pricing.

Lithography Press Bed plates

We offer two different types of bed plates, modem tempered ground steel, and traditional hard wood. Our most popular bed is the precision ground steel. This bed is blanchard-ground top and bottom to .005 inches flat and parallel. The long edges of the bed are machined smooth, square and parallel to facilitate smooth, straight line motions between the frame guides. Adjustable frame guides are made of a thermoset phenolic laminate insuring smooth friction free bed travel. Both beds are covered with a cushion of battleship linoleum. If you prefer the traditional hardwood, we offer a 2 1/2 inch thick laminated hard rock maple bed. The laminated sections are glued and pinned together to form a rock hard surface. Positive bed stops are provided to prevent the bed from coming off the press. For pricing information about our optional bed plates, please see the option section of our catalog.

Lithography Press Rolls

The main support roll is precision machined from 6 inch diameter solid tempered steel. The roll is mounted in self-aligning, antifriction bearings. The eight steel auxiliary rollers which support the bed plate in the extended positions are adjustable to provide any desired amount of teeter to the bed plate.

Lithography Press Pressure System

The top-loading scraper bar holder is fabricated of heavy welded steel plate. Pressure is applied through a single lever toggle mechanism. The pressure adjusting screw is 1.25 inch diameter with acme threads. It is mated to a long bronze nut and is equipped with locking device.

Lithography Press 25 Year Warranty

Conrad Machine Warranty Logo

All Conrad Machine Co. Presses come with the printmaking industry's best 25 Year Warranty. We here at Conrad Machine Co. believe in our products and workmanship, so much so, that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 25 years of the life of your printmaking press.

Conrad Machine Lithography Press
Conrad Machine Lithography Press Conrad Machine Lithography Press Conrad Machine Lithography Press Conrad Machine Lithography Press Conrad Machine Lithography Press

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