"I have had a [large 40 x 60 inch] Conrad etching press now for seven years and I want to let you know how pleased I am with it. I do a lot of soft-ground etchings and am very pleased with how sensitive the press is in getting a good impression. I have used other presses... and I like the Conrad press best."

- Tracy Ziegler
Artist/ Printmaker

Conrad Machine Company offers several large, heavy duty professional Etching Presses with bed sizes ranging from 28" x 48" to 72" x 100". Please contact us with inquiries about specific sized machines.

Etching Press-
Planetary S-3 reduction drive

The driving power of the Conrad Floor Model Etching press is provided by a large spoked star wheel operating through a self-contained, 8 to 1 geared planetary reduction drive that is mounted directly on the press roll. This type of drive, designed specifically for the slow R.P.M., high torque requirements of etching presses, was introduced by Conrad Machine Co. in 1959, and has proved to be a trouble free workhorse on the thousands of installations built since that time. Mounting the drive on the roll itself assures perfect alignment over the life of the press. For those printmakers that prefer a hand crank instead of a star wheel, Conrad Machine offers a Heavy Duty 25 to 1 Commercial Drive. These drives are designed for heavy industrial applications, making them very rugged for large etching presses. Upper or lower roll driving is available with this drive.

Etching Press Frame

The frames of Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching presses are fabricated from heavy steel plates, adequately reinforced and crossbraced to maintain their alignment. The legs are equipped with leveling screws and floor plates. An optional storage shelf is available under the lower roll; please see our catalog for more details.

Etching Press Bed plates

The Floor Model bed plates are solid steel, precision ground flat and parallel top and bottom. The long edges of the bed are machined smooth, square and parallel to facilitate a smooth, straight line motion between the side guides fixed to the press' frame. Safety stops are provided to limit the maximum travel of the bed. Aluminum, benelex, or phenolic Bed plates are also available. By using one of these alternate materials you could save as much as 600 Ibs. Please check the options and pricing sections in our catalog to see more information about these optional bed plates.

Etching Press Rolls and Bearings

The rolls are precision machined from solid steel. The Floor Model's rolls are mounted in self-aligning, anti-friction bearings to insure smooth and easy operation under the most severe printing pressures. Please see price list for diameter of rolls. Our roll bearings are rated at well over five times the maximum pressure encountered in normal printing! The upper roll is spring counter balanced to maintain positive contact with the pressure adjusting screws at all times. Eight auxiliary rollers are provided to support the bed plate in the extended positions. If a lighter press is desired, tubular rolls can be provided in place of the standard solid steel rolls. Oversize upper rolls are also available. Please check the options and pricing sections in our catalog to see more information about these optional rolls.

Etching Press Micro-Gauges

One of the most sought after options we offer is the micrometer gauge. The micrometer gauge provides easy-to-repeat, precise settings. Our gauge is a barrel thimble type that is calibrated to .001 inch per line. This means you can adjust each pressure screw by about the same thickness as a human hair! The Conrad Machine Co. Micro-guages are the very best in the printmaking industry.

Etching Press Pressure Screws

The pressure adjusting screws are made with Acme threads: the thread form specified for high strength, long wearing machine lead screws and jacks. The micro-gauges on the pressure screws assure ease of fine adjustments and absolute repeatability of pressure settings.

Etching Press Motorizing

All Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Presses can be motorized to provide effortless printing. Please contact us for more information and pricing on Floor Model Etching Press motorized options.

Etching Press 25 Year Warranty

Conrad Machine Warranty Logo

All Conrad Machine Co. Presses come with the Printmaking industry's best 25 Year Warranty. We here at Conrad Machine Co. believe in our products and workmanship, so much so, that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 25 years of the life of your printmaking press.

Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching press

Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Press Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Press Microgauges Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Press Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Press Conrad Machine Floor Model Etching Press

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