"I enjoy and am very satisfied with the etching [combination] press machine we purchased from Conrad Machine in March 1992... The machine is dependable, versatile, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend the Conrad Machine press to anyone who is a professional artist in printmaking."

- Chia Haruta,
Haruta Studio

Conrad Machine is proud to introduce a smaller version of our popular C-25 Combination Press. The C-16 Combination Press offers all the same options as the C-25 Combination Press. With a 16 inch x 32 inch bed size, the C-16 can print any medium including stone lithography. The C-16 can print Etching plates, then convert into a stone lithography press by replacing the top roll with a leather scraper in under five minutes!

The C-16 Combination press is just as versitile as the C-25 Combination press printing any medium: intaglio, relief, and lithography. Same as the C-25, the upper roll assembly just slides out from the scraper bar housing and is replaced by a scraper bar. In less than five minutes, you are ready to print lithography! The Combination Press has found great favor with colleges and universities worldwide as well as professional studies for its versatility and durability.

Combination Press-
Planetary S-1 reduction drive

The most remarkable feature of these fine presses is the Planetary reduction drive. Torque from the 10 inch throw aluminum hand crank is multiplied in the totally enclosed geared planetary reducer by a 6:1 ratio to provide smooth and easy operation under the heaviest pressure. This type of press drive, developed by Conrad Machine Co. in 1959, is a proven design concept. The Conrad Planetary S-1 drive has provided trouble free service over the past 60 years on thousands presses ranging in width from 12 inches to 50 inches. The C-16 can also be fitted with a direct drive and an open spoked star wheel. Please see our catalog for all the available options.

Combination Press-
Lithography and Flexibility

The one major feature that sets this press apart from all other traditional presses is its ability to be converted to a lithography press in less than five minutes. Stone lithography work requires a floating scraper bar; this can also lend itself to new and different techniques not possible with traditional presses. Mixed media prints utilizing multiple techniques can be printed without the need for multiple printing presses.

Combination Press Bed plates

There are many different views of what material makes the best bed plate; to a large extent, we feel it is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, we offer three different types of bed plate material. The standard bed plate is made from .5 inch thick Benelex. Benelex is a high density, lignin-resin laminate, having a compressive strength of 29,000 P.S.I. This material weighs only a sixth the weight of steel. The C-16 Combination press is also available with optional steel or aluminum alloy bed plates. Please check the options section of our catalog for more information about optional bed plates.

Combination Press Rolls and Bearings

The upper roll is 4.5 inch diameter and made from special pre-stressed steel tubing. This makes the roller very strong but light enough so one person can change over to the litho process. The lower roll is made from 4.5 inch diameter solid steel. An optional 6 inch upper roll is available for those printmakers desiring a larger upper roll.

Combination Press Micro-Gauges

One of the most sought after options we offer is the micrometer gauge. The micrometer gauge provides easy-to-repeat, precise settings. Our gauge is a barrel thimble type that is calibrated to .005 inch per line. This means you can adjust each pressure screw by about the same thickness as a human hair! The Conrad Machine Co. Micro-guages are the very best in the printmaking industry.

Combination Press Pressure Screws

The pressure is adjusted through three heavy duty screws equipped with locking nuts. The center screw is used for litho work where a floating scraper bar is required. The two outboard screws are used for all other work where extreme pressures and rigidity are required.

Combination Press Portability

We designed this press, so it can be easily disassembled into five component parts. You will not need a moving crew to transport this press, as one person can easily disassemble and move the C-16 press. The outer bed supports can be taken off or folded up, so the press will fit through any standard 30 inch doorway. There is no need for expensive machinery movers with the Conrad Machine Co. C-16 Combination press.

Combination Press 25 Year Warranty

Conrad Machine Warranty Logo

All Conrad Machine Co. Presses come with the printmaking industry's best 25 Year Warranty. We here at Conrad Machine Co. believe in our products and workmanship, so much so, that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 25 years of the life of your printmaking press.

Conrad Machine C-16 Combination press

Conrad Machine C-16 Combination Press Conrad Machine C-16 Combination Press Conrad Machine C-16 Combination Press Conrad Machine C-16 Combination Press Conrad Machine C-16 Combination Press

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